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Hi, I'm Samantha.

Certified (PCTC) Coach pursuing my Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
| ACLP Certified
| Mentor@Work Certified
| Youth Sector Professional
I’m driven to make a difference, to coach youths, and empower them to be individuals who can confidently realize their aspirations. ~ Let's connect!

With over 15 years of experience in the youth sector, my path has been shaped by the power of learning, growth, and self-discovery. I recognise the immense potential within every young individual who aspire to achieve more.Championing youth programmes and advocacy in Singapore across high-key Ministry and Statutory Board portfolios, I believe in the empowerment of youth to reach new, unexplored heights.My expert coaching focuses on supporting youth to discover your innate passion, unleash your potential, and to achieve more as future youth leaders.

Discover Your Passion

  • Uncover your talents

  • Pace your learning

  • Set your targets

navigate uncertainties

  • Overcome hesitations

  • Instill a growth mindset

  • Foster resilience

Be in good company

  • Connect with experts

  • Share experiences

  • Chart your successes

How is coaching different?
While both mentoring and coaching offer valuable support, coaching stands out as a more empowering approach.
Unlike mentoring, which focuses on transferring knowledge and offering specific guidance, coaching is about helping you identify your passion, unlock your potential to achieve your goals, and maximize your performance.

Coaching is a transformative process.
Coaching empowers individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their goals. It focuses on supporting you towards tangible improvements in your personal and professional life.
Through coaching, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining deeper insights into their capabilities and enhancing their self-awareness.

Your coaching journey starts today!
Achieve your goals with our coaching sessions, where you'll explore personal growth, academic success, career opportunities, social connections, mental well-being, physical health, community engagement, and more.
Join us on a transformative journey to discover your strengths, set meaningful goals, and thrive in your life-phases!

Reach out today!

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I look forward to our sessions together. Take care!